Social media with traviento

Some industries don’t need to use Social Media as part of their strategy but businesses in the travel, tourism and hospitality do. It is a great way to communicate with your customers or clients, interact and get feedback, good or bad. This is why all your social accounts need to be up to date and active. Facebook for example gives you a badge if you answer queries in a reasonable time frame.  People will often use feedback from friends on social media when choosing a holiday destination. They will also decide to try a new hotel or restaurant based on friends’ pictures and comments or check-ins.

Social Media accounts can help distributing your offers, news and are indeed great promoting tools. People who follow you on social media want to hear about your business and will drop you if you are not making an effort.

But we also know that this can be time consuming, so why not let traviento help you manage your accounts on your behalf. We will agree on a strategy beforehand and then you can get on with managing your business, not having to remember to tweet or get back to customers on Facebook.