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What is Search Marketing?

Search Marketing is a combination of unpaid and paid efforts to gain traffic to your website. SEO is the 'unpaid' marketing effort and SEM is the 'paid' effort.

Why do I need to use Social Media?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest...They are the best tools to communicate with your public. The tourism, travel and hospitality industry is image driven and must learn how to make the most of those tools.

How can I make the most of my website?

A website is what your clients or customers will see first and first impressions are very important, same as for a tidy reception desk and a neat room. It can make a huge difference with getting the right bookings and beating your competition next door.

How do I advertise abroad?

Advertising abroad is as important as advertising locally. If you deliver the right message in a foreign language, you will be sure to increase your bookings and turnover.